Pomarrosa Café Gourmet
La Hacienda
Café Pomarrosa is grown at the foot of the highest mountain in Puerto Rico, Cerro Punta ( 1,338 m ). Located on the corner of Route 511 and Route 143, at an altitude of about 1,000 m, our coffee farm faces the cooling breezes of the Caribbean Sea. Cloud cover in the afternoons reduces the heat of the sun and allows the coffee to develop slowly, quite like shade grown coffee. The soil is ideally suited for arabica coffee; our farm lies close to some of the best coffee growing areas of Puerto Rico. Coffee has grown here since time immemorial.

Our farm is known as Hacienda Pomarrosa. We chose the name “Pomarrosa” (rose-apple – Eugenia jambos) because this fruit tree grows in abundance on our farm. The pomarrosa has an impressive flower and its fruit, a small apple, has the distinctive taste of a rose.

All of our coffee is arabica (mainly caturra), harvested by hand from September to December, an arduous undertaking which requires qualified manual labor. Only the ripe red beans are picked from each coffee bush.
The Golden Roseapple
Farm, Inc.

Carr. 511 Esq. Carr. 143
Barrio Anón
Sector Hogares Seguros
Ponce, P.R. 00715
Tel. 787-460-8934
Fax 787-284-4729